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Sometimes the inconceivable becomes believable. And sometimes ordinary people do extraordinary things. Louie Zamperini was a remarkable individual who was unbroken by the unimaginable challenges of war and imprisonment. He would later be broken by God and experience true freedom and a supernatural ability to forgive.

Broken by God
Joe Duke | 
January 25, 2015
Unbroken, Part 3
When we find a story of someone who remains unbroken throughout harsh challenges and unimaginable obstacles, we too can be challenged, even inspired, about our own lives. The most powerful part of Louie Zamperini’s ordeal, however, was not that he was unbroken. Instead, the greatest chapter in his story was that he was broken—broken by God. God’s grace changed Louie Zamperini. And that same grace is available to all who turn to Jesus in faith.
Excruciating Challenges
Joe Duke | 
January 18, 2015
Unbroken, Part 2
Every one of us faces difficulties in life. But sometimes those challenges seem like they’re too much to bear. At least when we find someone who has it worse than we do, our problems can seem smaller. Louie Zamperini endured the most excruciating challenges. His ordeal stranded on the open ocean and later his torment as a prisoner of war would send most people past the breaking point. And then he faced another challenge. With God’s help, he chose to forgive those who were undeserving of that forgiveness.
The Possibility of Hope
Joe Duke | 
January 11, 2015
Unbroken, Part 1
When we have hope, life is filled with possibilities. Without hope life can grow dark and discouraging. Louie Zamperini found hope beyond a troubled childhood. As a young runner, he would learn lessons that would keep him moving through the most difficult of circumstances. His experiences help us ask questions about how we too can experience the possibility of hope.