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Get in the Spirit
Get in the Spirit

It’s easy to assume that being good in life comes about by keeping the rules. Just get in line and try harder. Muster up the will power and you’ll be fine. Learn the laws and abide by them. But laws don’t get you to be good; they get you to act good. God tells us that law-keeping as a means to spiritual transformation is a hopeless exercise. Instead God paints a picture of an often neglected path to spiritual growth: life in the Spirit. This is the only alternative for growing in Christ.

Walk This Way
Joe Duke | 
December 14, 2014
Get in the Spirit, Part 2
Attempting to gain or enjoy a relationship with God through the efforts of keeping a set of rules or laws is a futile and frustrating exercise. Instead, God tells us that real spiritual growth comes from life in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the secret to living the Christian life. When we walk in the Spirit we experience a genuine spiritual transformation that goes far beyond the religious trappings of moralism.
Goodbye to Moralism
Joe Duke | 
December 7, 2014
Get in the Spirit, Part 1
For many people, the formula for living an exemplary life is simple: learn the rules and live by them. Attempting to behave oneself into becoming a transformed person is actually a fairly common approach to the spiritual life. There’s only one problem: God says it doesn’t work. To suggest that moralism is the secret to spiritual growth is to invite frustration and defeat. Instead, living a transformed life means living a life in the power of the Holy Spirit.