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We all enjoy the feeling that we are making progress in our faith—good, forward momentum in living life the way God wants us to. But life is filled with the unexpected, and sometimes our faith takes a hit. That sense of confidence that lifted our spirits can be replaced by doubts, questions, confusion, uncertainty, and defeat. And sometimes we even begin to question God’s love for us. Has your faith ever taken a hit? In all likelihood it has. Since faith is indispensable to real life, God is eager to help us repair those dents to our faith and put us back on the road of a faith-filled adventure.

Asleep at the Wheel
Joe Duke | 
September 25, 2011
Confidents, Part 4
Riding down the road of life you might want to keep your eyes open for those things that could slam into you and create a hit to your faith. One of the biggest dangers to your faith is you. That’s right; if you’re not alert behind the wheel there’s a good chance you could drift off to sleep. The consequences could be disastrous. Ultimately, you are responsible to grow your faith as you travel life’s journey—always aware of the possibility of falling asleep at the wheel.
Joe Duke | 
September 18, 2011
Confidents, Part 3
There are lots of ways our faith can take a hit. But one of the most painful ways comes when we are side-swiped by those closest to us. Hurt and heartache from friends or family members is especially painful. That kind of devastating hit might cause us to question our faith and doubt God’s involvement in our lives. If your faith has ever taken a hit from someone close to you, God reminds you that He is more than a sufficient resource to repair your faith and put you back on the road of life.
Joe Duke | 
September 11, 2011
Confidents, Part 2
When we ride down the road of life, it’s easy for our faith to take a hit. And nothing is more surprising and jarring than being rear-ended. Whether you know it or not, you are being followed—shadowed by a cunning enemy intent on your destruction. The devil and his demons are plotting to slam into you when you least expect it. And if you are not prepared, your faith can suffer. But be encouraged. God has helped us prepare for this challenging opposition.
Head-On Collision
Joe Duke | 
September 4, 2011
Confidents, Part 1
God has laid things out fairly simply: You can’t please Him unless you are living a life of faith. Faith is indispensable to experiencing real life. But even when we walk by faith, pointed in the right direction, we are vulnerable to taking a hit. Sometimes we are hit head-on by the unexpected circumstances of life. They come at us with such force that our faith is left weakened and in need of repair. In those challenging times God is eager to help rebuild our faith and bring us to a place we might have never experienced.