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Bold Faith
Bold Faith

Every person in the world is a person of faith to one degree or another. At the very least we all have faith in the law of gravity and the consistent promise of a daily sunrise. But when we think of a person of faith, we usually envision a person who has faith in God, not just faith in the laws of nature. Faith in who God is and what He can do forms the basis for the most meaningful life possible. Without faith, God says, we cannot please Him. All of us can grow in our faith and believe God for great things. 

Daring to Trust
Joe Duke | 
November 23, 2014
Bold Faith, Part 2
God has the most amazing offer for every human being: salvation is a free gift received by belief. We are saved by grace through faith and nothing else. But once our faith finds Jesus as its object, that faith can grow even bigger. Bold faith begins with a big God. Bold faith means that we dare to trust God for things that would otherwise be impossible.
A Big God
Joe Duke | 
November 16, 2014
Bold Faith, Part 1
It’s easy for some to question whether or not they have the right kind of faith to get to heaven. But trying to distinguish saving faith from simple faith ignores the real issue. When it comes to salvation, the issue is not the kind of faith we have, but instead, the object of our faith. Fortunately, we have a God we can trust. And without faith, we cannot please Him.