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Staying on Mission
Dave Baldwin | 
March 1, 2015
1 Peter 2:1-10
You'll be surprised that this passage challenges us with the one thing that will help us stay on mission of Influencing People to Find and Follow Jesus. How are you doing at adoring Jesus and the centrality of His role in the world and church?
In Thankfulness
Dave Baldwin | 
November 30, 2014
Luke 17:11-19
Do you have a thankful heart? God shares truth about being thankful and what it takes to nurture that kind of attitude. Instead of a troubled or entitled or careless heart, trade it in for a thankful one.
Are You the One?
Dave Baldwin | 
August 10, 2014
There comes a time in our Christian experience when we may ask a question of Jesus: “Are You the One?” We can be full of fear or just desperate to know the answer. In today's story we find that He is waiting to give us the answers we need and does it in a way that quells our fears and desperation. What question do you have for Jesus today?
Remember Me
Dave Baldwin | 
February 2, 2014
Today we look at the picture of communion. Let's remember together, Jesus in the past, present and future. We may even be surprised to find eternity in this picture. 
Paul: A Transformed, Transitional Leader
Dave Baldwin | 
August 11, 2013
Outside of Jesus our character today is probably recognized as the most transformational leader in the New Testament. Paul’s life as a transformational leader exhibits factors we can observe in his ministry. We’ll be surprised at how applicable they are to all of us whether we lead or follow.
Dave Baldwin | 
April 21, 2013
Psalm 119:105
We have been looking at different seats we sit in that represent events in our lives or seasons we go through from time-to-time. Today we will be looking at a seat/chair that we all should use every day. It's one of the keys to becoming a Christ-like influencer. Where is your chair?
The Forgetting Generation
Dave Baldwin | 
June 17, 2012
Judges 2:8-10; Deuteronomy 6:4-8 This weekend we celebrate fathers! As we look into the Old Testament in our summer series Example, we will see both negative and positive examples of how we as fathers and really all of us can pass along our Christian faith to the generations that follow. How are you doing at setting the example?
Anything Helps?
Dave Baldwin | 
July 10, 2011
Isaiah 58:10
How many times have you seen someone standing at an intersection with a sign that reads, "Anything helps”? Have you thought about that statement? Is it really true that anything we do for the poor will help? Or are there some things that we might do for them that could hurt them, or even hurt us in the process? Today we'll look at the topic of helping the poor and discuss what the biblical principles are in giving them aid.
Turn on Your Headlights
Dave Baldwin | 
August 8, 2010
Jesus shares insights about the harvest in today's study. When the harvest comes the farmer does all he can do to bring it in. He even works late into the night using the headlights of his farm equipment. But first he needs to lift up his eyes and see that the fields are ready for harvest. In today's passage we'll see how Jesus compared reaching people with bringing in the harvest.
The Stage that Never Ends
Dave Baldwin | 
August 9, 2009
John 9:1-12
Today we are going to discuss a Stage that Never Ends, having a child/family member who is developmentally disabled. Although this is always a shock and something families struggle to handle, we'll find today not only does God bring glory to Himself in this stage, but that every Christ-follower partners with these families in the Stage that Never Ends.
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