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Apology Expected
Mark Marten | 
March 15, 2015
1 Peter 3:8-4:6
Peter is addressing an audience experiencing significant suffering. In light of their experience, he makes a number of suggestions on how they should behave. He assumes they’ll live such exemplary lives their un-believing neighbors will ask “how can you have such hope!?” We’ll talk about the secret to having this hope when we experience suffering. And we’ll discuss what we should say, and how we should say it, when our neighbors ask us this question.
Happiness or Holiness
Mark Marten | 
October 19, 2014
Popular culture often paints an impossibly-ideal picture of marriage as a loving state of mutual and eternal bliss. Yet in reality, all marriages involve the union of two individuals, each with their own respective challenges. Marriage is really two “broken” people, coming together, promising never to leave. As a result, each spouse is forced to face personal character issues they’d never have to face otherwise. No wonder there are problem marriages! In a sense, every marriage is a problem marriage. Yet the Bible offers hope for marriage. Today we’ll talk about that hope and the purpose of marriage. We'll ask the question: What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?
What You Believe You Believe
Mark Marten | 
August 17, 2014
We live in a challenging world where we often face problems we don’t understand. And for many of us, our confusion can lead to fear and anxiety. We’ll see today that the same thing happened to some of those closest to Jesus. In spite of the fact they had just spent three years by His side, they didn’t understand one of the most important things He said. So when they faced challenge they became confused, afraid and anxious. But through an encounter with Jesus, they were changed! They believed in a new, and more profound way. And their lives were never the same.
Say It Even When It
Mark Marten | 
May 11, 2014
We’re routinely faced with challenging or emotionally-charged conversations. And often these end in one of two ways: the other person either bails out and clams-up or becomes emotional and even angry. People go to silence or violence. So, it seems our only two options are to either say nothing and maintain the status quo or to speak up and spoil the relationship—that we need to compromise either honesty or relationship.  But there’s a better way. Today, we’ll discuss how to say it—even when it’s difficult—in a way that leads to life!
Cornelius: Mystery Revealed
Mark Marten | 
July 14, 2013
In Ephesians, Paul talks about a mystery that was made known to him by divine revelation. A mystery which was unknown for thousands of previous generations. Today we’ll read the story that pulls the curtain back on this mystery. Acts 10 tells us about a man named Cornelius—a Roman soldier and a man who feared God. His attention to God got God’s attention. 
Loves Extravagantly
Mark Marten | 
February 24, 2013
When asked about the greatest commandment, Jesus said that we’re to love God and love people. Looking at His life, we see He did this consistently and extravagantly. But for most of us extravagant love is, at best, challenging and doesn’t characterize the way we live. Today we’ll talk about what extravagant love might look like in our lives, why it’s so difficult and some things we can do to move in this direction.
Possible Faith
Mark Marten | 
August 19, 2012
We’re told in the new testament that “without faith it is impossible to please God…” (Heb 11:6). This should put faith pretty high on the list of qualities we’d like to have. And it prompts some important questions: ‘what, exactly, is faith? do we have enough? how do we increase our faith?’ The answers lie in the example of Abraham. New testament authors repeatedly tell us that Abraham was the quintessential model of faith. So, we’ll look at Abraham’s life, both his victories and his failures, and we’ll discuss how he learned to have the kind of faith that he did.
Mark Marten | 
July 22, 2012
2 Kings 6:8-23
If we’re honest, at some point in our lives nearly all of us have struggled with fear or anxiety. And for some of us these emotions can be overwhelming. Today we’ll look at an example that will help us to think about how to handle fear when we experience it in our own lives and we’ll discuss some practices or disciplines that can help free us from our fears.
The Rest of the Story
Mark Marten | 
February 19, 2012
People love stories. We think in terms of story, we learn from stories and we remember stories. God loves stories too. In fact, He includes us in His story when we believe in Him. We know that every good story includes tension, challenge or trouble that must be overcome. Yet when we encounter tension in our own stories we often cringe, run away or do all we can to avoid it. But maybe there’s a better way to handle things. Today we’ll talk about the rest of the story.
Is Mad Bad?
Mark Marten | 
July 3, 2011
It’s pretty clear that on a number of occasions Jesus got mad or was angry. Yet, there are numerous places in the New Testament where we’re told not to be angry. So what are we supposed to do? Today we’ll explore what anger is and why we get angry. Then we’ll look at what Jesus said about anger. We’ll find that anger is not something that we need to live with, but that it's possible to change. However, the steps to dealing with anger may not be what you think they are.
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