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The Beloved and the Broken
Mike Hipsley | 
March 8, 2015
1 Peter 2:11-3:7
It’s no big secret that we live in a world that is broken. We experience this brokenness at every level of our existence and know intuitively that things are not the way that they are supposed to be. How are those who are being made whole by Jesus called to interact with broken cultures and systems? How do the beloved respond to the broken?
Finding Emmanuel
Mike Hipsley | 
December 28, 2014
Immanuel, “God with us,” is the center of Christmas. The hope, joy, peace, and rest that we associate with the Christmas Season begins and ends with the knowledge that God has come to be with us. But the Christmas story also shows us that finding the God who is with us is not necessarily the simplest thing. What can we learn from those who went to find Immanuel?
Mike Hipsley | 
October 5, 2014
Kids don’t come with clear instructions and raising them can often feel like a guessing game. Parenting more often than not, seems like a beautiful mess that leaves us with more questions than answers. Are we getting it right? Are we doing enough? Are we giving our kids what they really need? When the stakes are this high how do we maximize our influence and investment in what matters most?
The Will and the Way
Mike Hipsley | 
August 3, 2014
The Will of God is one of those subjects that can generate a great deal of confusion and anxiety. How does someone know that they are following God’s will for their life? How do our wills, wants, desires, interests, and talents play into that? The encounter that Jesus had in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He came face to face with God’s will for Him, provides a striking and challenging example for us of what it looks like to find and follow God’s will for our lives.
Not Young Enough
Mike Hipsley | 
July 6, 2014
The Kingdom of God is yet to come, but the Bible tells us that we can enter and begin to live in it now. To do this, Jesus said, requires only the faith of a child. In an encounter with a Rich Young Ruler, Jesus shows us just how much we can complicate something that should be so simple. When we abandon child-like faith and approach God on our adult terms, we create obstacles that frustrate our attempts to live in God’s kingdom. In God’s economy we find that often the thing that keeps us from maturity is that we’re not young enough.
Say It by Listening
Mike Hipsley | 
May 25, 2014
On the face of it, listening seems like the very opposite of saying something. After all, how can you say it if you’re not the one speaking? When we listen well, others feel heard, understood, and valued; and often find that they are better able to move forward because they have been heard. As upside down as it might seem, how well we listen to others often communicates far more than our words ever could.
Mike Hipsley | 
December 15, 2013
In sending Jesus to rescue us from our sins and restore us to Himself, the Father gave us a gift of greater value than we could ever comprehend. But the Bible tells us that God’s desire to give His children gifts is beyond anything we might imagine. In Jesus and through the Spirit, God has given everyone who has believed in Jesus one or more gifts of the Spirit. These gifts offer us an opportunity to live out the love of Jesus by equipping us to build up the Body of Christ so that we can be the very presence of Jesus in the world.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Holiness
Mike Hipsley | 
October 6, 2013
Our culture places a premium on personal happiness. After all, our nation is founded in part on its pursuit. Holiness, on the other hand is not a concept that occupies much, if any, cultural real estate. Many today reason that holiness is not a means to true life and real freedom, but an obstacle to them. Holiness is viewed as an irrelevant and outdated pursuit offering little of value to people living in modern society. What if the pursuit of holiness is not a barrier to true life and real freedom, but the key to finding them? What if pursuing happiness and pursuing holiness are, in reality, a pursuit of the same thing?
Caiaphas: Right Temple, Wrong God
Mike Hipsley | 
July 21, 2013
Of all the characters of the New Testament, Caiaphas, the High Priest who orchestrated the death of Jesus, may be the one with whom we least would want to identify. The last thing we would want to think is that someone like Caiaphas could be a person a lot like me. The temptation is to avoid any comparison with this character so as to distance ourselves from him. But what if that is a mistake? What if the things that caused Caiaphas to make such terrible choices are far more common and ordinary that we might think? What if the things that derailed him are a danger for us as well? What if we have far more in common with Caiaphas than we might be comfortable admitting?
Surrenders Continually
Mike Hipsley | 
February 17, 2013
Surrender is not a word that many would choose as a core characteristic of their lives. It means you lost the war, gave up, were defeated; it’s a word associated with weakness, ruin, and failure. Worst of all, it’s un-American. Surrender also happens to be the cornerstone of a life lived as a Christ-like Influencer. This seems out of alignment with the life of freedom and joy that the Bible promises. Can a life characterized by continual surrender also be one full of freedom, joy, and abundant life?
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