LifePoint Church

Time to Love
Joe Paschal | 
January 4, 2015
This year (and every year) we have many different ways we can invest our time. We must choose our investments carefully. Our time is more valuable than money! Many of the things on which we can choose to spend our time don’t last. But there are just a few investments that bring returns that last for eternity! The best thing we can do with our time is invest it in loving others.
Life Changer
Joe Paschal | 
July 20, 2014
Nicodemus was a prominent Jewish leader. But he put his reputation on the line by going to talk privately with Jesus one night. And for Nicodemus, his encounter with Jesus was a life changer. Today, Jesus is still changing lives. He gives us new life. Eternal life. If we let him.
Joe Paschal | 
March 16, 2014
God has given every believer a special ability, a spiritual gift. That special ability is to be used in the powerful and unstoppable movement of God! That movement is going on all around us: in our church, in our communities and around the world. Are you engaging your gift in this amazing movement that started over 2000 years ago?
Joe Paschal | 
November 3, 2013
The apostle Paul said that without Jesus we are slaves without hope. But when we believe in Jesus, God adopts us as His children. As His children we become heirs in His kingdom, and He gives us eternal life. Having freely received this wonderful benefit of spiritual adoption, we can now give this love away by caring for orphans.